Enshine’s LED plant grow light bulb for the home spectrum covers a wide range of wavelengths. It uses 380-780nm wavelengths, which can cover the wavelengths required for plant growth, allowing light to be utilized and promoting plant photosynthesis.

Our full-spectrum indoor grow light bulbs have high luminous efficiency, high brightness, low light decay, and stable power.

Enshine’s full-spectrum grow bulbs are suitable for plant growth, plant cultivation, and home plant breeding.


Wattage 7-20W 12W 15W 18W 18W
Voltage AC 90-265V
Spectrum RB/RBW
CRI > 80
Lamp Size (mm) A60/A65/A70/A80/A95 Φ95×H133 Φ120×H166 Φ110×H100 Φ120×H133
Average Life 25000 Hrs
Brand Name ENSHINE
Warranty 2 Years

Key Features

  • Full spectrum provides the perfect high-quality plant light
  • Provide a pleasing, natural light temperature that integrates well with any decorative aesthetic
  • Long-lasting, low energy, and low heat plant light bulb
  • Used for any variety of plants in your home


Led grow light use in supplement light for plant growth, suitable for tomato, cucumber, pepper, cannabis, rose and other plants, application in indoor supplement light, the place with short outdoor lighting time and insufficient light.

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